May Half-term – SideFest Game Jam

When? 30th May – 1st June – 10:00am – 12:45pm

Where? Virtually on Discord

What is it? Pathways will be running a virtual Game Jam with SideFest, where you’ll will be given a theme and you have to build a game around it using the software Twine. You’ll improve your game development skills, as well as a number of transferable skills. You’ll get to meet game development experts and professionals and learn all about careers in game development and relevant university courses

Who is it for? Year 12 and 13 (16yrs+)

How can I apply? Click on the link below to submit your interest and we’ll be in touch closer to the event to let you know next steps

Please note: In the event of any of our events and clubs becoming oversubscribed, we must prioritise Uni Connect students. You can find out more about Uni Connect and how our targeting works here.

Photo by Frederick Tendong on Unsplash

After that session, I am thinking about University. I wasn’t before. I’m more confident now.
Year 10 Opportunity Participant