We work with underrepresented groups, such as; care leavers, asylum seekers and refugees, students from disadvantaged communities, students with disabilities, young carers, looked after children, service children and military families. The children and young people that we work with must be from age 11 (year 7) upwards and we can provide them with one-off 30 minute sessions, or a much longer programme of activities lasting up to a whole academic year.

Our activities are also mapped against the nationally recognised Gatsby Benchmarks for good careers guidance. And our progression framework seeks to develop aims and strive for outcomes which are focused around five key strands below. These strands have been developed with the local context in mind, as well as drawing upon theoretical work.

The community-led projects extend way beyond the offer below. If you’re interested in something that isn’t listed please let us know.

You can download the collaboration image as a PDF by clicking here.

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