School Staff

We work closely with staff in secondary schools and colleges to support the provision they offer young people.

Working with School Staff

Why do we want to work with you?

We are keen to work with School Staff across Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. We recognise that pupils may only find out about our activities through their teachers, careers leads or form tutors so having strong working relationships with you is key.

School staff can help us identify eligible pupils in each year group, they can invite us to Careers Fairs or Options Evenings and they can help us make sure pupils know about our activities.

Schools with a high proportion of NCOP pupils will get first priority in booking pupils onto our activities.

Who is an NCOP student/pupil?

NCOP focuses on 13-18 year olds living in particular geographic areas. The level of participation of young people aged 18 and 19 in Higher Education in England varies across the country.

Our emphasis is on working with young people who choose not to go into Higher Education despite achieving or being on track to achieve the entry requirements.

NCOP targets wards that have:

  • low levels of young participation (POLAR3 Q1) and lower than expected levels of young participation, considering Key Stage 4 attainment and ethnicity (Q1 or Q2), or
  • low levels of young participation (POLAR3 Q1) and lower than expected levels of young participation, considering Key Stage 4 attainment only (Q1 or Q2).

Our activities are open to all pupils in the year group individual activities are aimed at, but, if an event is oversubscribed, priority is given to those who fulfil one or more of the following:

  • Live in an area identified as a Pathways or NCOP Ward (determined by home postcode)
  • Be the first in their family to consider attending university
  • Be in receipt of free school meals
  • Be in or have spent time in local authority care
  • Are a young carer
  • Have a disability including specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD

More information about how NCOP works can be found on the Office for Students’ site.

How do I find out who my NCOP students are?

If you are interested in sending pupils to one or more or our activities, but aren’t sure if they fall into an NCOP target ward, then there are some ways you can determine their eligibility.

  • Contact us in Leicestershire or Northamptonshire and we can check anonymised pupil postcodes on your behalf. This is particularly good if you want a whole year group checking.
  • For individual postcodes you can use the Office for Students’ POLAR and Gaps postcode look-up

In some instances NCOP pupils may be in your Pupil Premium cohort, but this is not always the case.

What activities are there?

We run a vast array of activities that have been developed with the needs of local schools and colleges in mind. The majority are targeted at specific year groups (Y9 – Y13). These activities give your pupils further opportunity to experience life at University, develop new skills and explore future careers.

Most of our activities are open to all schools. You can explore these in more detail and book places by visiting our Activities page.

We also offer a number of Teacher events. Further details can be found in Activities

The scale of the new Waterside campus development is phenomenal and this tour was a fantastic real life experience for our students.

It clearly had the desired effect as they all enjoyed the day, with six of our students saying they were interested in construction careers because of it. Many thanks to the Pathways team for organising this.

Jolen Grantham

Attitudes and Attendance Leader at Weavers Academy, following a Pathways activity


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