Future Me

Think about your ‘Future Me’ – What do they care about? What do they love doing? What does their life style look like? How did they get there? We can’t answer these questions for you but we can help you make choices about the future so your Future Me is the best you.

We can’t welcome you into our company or show you our campus but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on exploring your options and discovering your potential!

This is a 7-week programme – after an introduction, we will explore 5 Key Skills for life: Communication, Team Work, Self-Belief, Self-Management, Problem Solving by talking to Employers, Professionals and Current Uni Students to understand about their sector, their journey and what they do.

You will be able to talk to employers from 5 different Key Sectors:

– Cyber/AI

– Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

– Professional Financial Services

– Creative Industries

– Logistics and Distribution

And you will speak to students who are currently training to work in these fields- find out why!

Each week you will be set a challenge which will give you the opportunity to put your skills into practise and build up your personal profile. If you are willing to share what you create with is us there is a weekly prize up for grabs- Vouchers for you and IT equipment/resources for your school.

After our introduction on the 1st June, we will meet twice a week on Zoom @11am Tuesdays and Fridays for 50 minutes. Our final session will be on the 6th July.

This is completely free – you will need to register to take part. Each week we will email you everything you need to get the most out of the sessions. We will be delivering the sessions via Zoom and so you will need a password to access the sessions. We will share all of the details with you.

Once you have registered, we have your details and you’re in! You will get sent the participation link and resources by 09:30am on the day the next session is scheduled (Tues & Fri)- REMEMBER: Check your junk mail


Future Me – Intro Worksheet

Future Me – Self Management Session 1 Worksheet

Future Me – Self Management Session 2 Worksheet

Future Me- Team Work Session 1 Worksheet

Future Me- Team Work Session 2 Worksheet

Employer Challenge Week 2 Team Work

Future Me – Problem Solving Session 1 Worksheet

Future Me Problem Solving Session 2 Worksheet

Problem Solving Challenge

Future Me Self Belief Session 1 Worksheet

Future Me Self Belief Session 2 Worksheet

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Future Me

Date & time

Monday, 01/06/2020 - Monday, 06/07/2020

(All Day)

  • University of Leicester
  • Pathways
  • Complete Careers
  • LLEP
After that session, I am thinking about University. I wasn’t before. I’m more confident now.

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