Ongoing opportunity for Years 9-13







Hide to High street is an interactive workshop from the University of Northampton’s Creative Leather Institute.

A staff member from the leather institute can visit your school with their portable leather kit for an inspirational talk on the subject.

Students will learn about the process of creating leather via sustainable means. Included in the method is a number of unsuspected topics – including engineering, chemistry and physics. With a 100% job satisfaction and an industry worth 7.6 billion in Europe alone, students will be able to see that a career in leather can be a rather attractive option.

The workshop can be delivered to a small group of students or in an assembly setting, therefore your whole year group would benefit. Available for year groups 9-13.

Dates can be arranged as requested.

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From Hide to High Street: A Leather Technology Experience

Date & time

Monday, 07/01/2019 - Friday, 19/07/2019

(All Day)

  • University of Northampton
  • Pathways
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After that session, I am thinking about University. I wasn’t before. I’m more confident now.

Year 10 Activity Participant

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